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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Net Future
by Chuck Martin, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999

"In the Net Future, any person will be able to buy anything from anyone at any time from anywhere, as the Net environment turns the value proposition for the creation, distribution, and sale of products on its head. This dynamic will affect not only pricing but also the true value of products themselves."

"The age-old saying, 'What's a product worth? Whatever you can sell it for,' doesn't fly in the Net Future. The new mantra more likely will be: 'What's a product worth? Here's what I'll pay for it at this moment.' Or: 'That's not the best price.' Or even: 'Here's what I'll pay, take it or leave it.' Or worse yet: 'You want how much? I thought I was a valued customer.'"

"No matter the mantra, the message is clear. When internal decisions can be made more quickly because of the Net, when the competition is only a mouse click away, when the public has access to more options than ever before, when information can be updated and made public on the fly, the value chain shifts dramatically."

"The producer drove the traditional environment; the consumer drives the new one."
(page 123)


"Where is the Internet really going…And what will business be when it gets there?"

"Welcome to Net Future, a world where information is power and the power of consumers is absolute. A world where business opportunities for the well-prepared will be no less than absolute - and failure equally certain for those who are not."
(back cover)